Delays, delays, delays…

Welcome to my second post about travel delays since I started this blog. Delays happen, they're inevitable.  The Southeastern U.S. has had it's fair share of rain this summer, so it's no surprise that I sit in the Charlotte International Airport (CLT) writing this post while I wait for my flight. While delays are commonplace … Continue reading Delays, delays, delays…


Other People Hate it When They Get Clooneyed!

While approaching the Hertz car rental lines, there were several folks lined up.  Dreading the wait as I approached, my eyes lit up to the fact that there was a Hertz Gold Plus members line.

Delays… Travel’s Little Pause Button

What better time to write a post about delays than while on a delayed flight? In Florida, where of course, rain storms are a common occurrence. The boarding process was rushed and the small plane filled up quickly. But alas, the thunderstorm we tried to evade caught us. Sitting in the plane waiting out the … Continue reading Delays… Travel’s Little Pause Button