Watch This: Ozark (Netflix)

There are few shows out there that I'd say are "addictive" anymore.  We have so many options with shows through the power of the internet.  With all of those different options, there's so much great content out there, but sometimes the multitude of options leaves me lacking any real excitement over a show. I say … Continue reading Watch This: Ozark (Netflix)


5 Days With A Single Backpack?

Last week in my Laundry Day post, I talked about trying to get through a week of travel with just my backpack.  That's right, no carry-on luggage, nothing but my nifty Kenneth Cole Reaction backpack. But was it worth it? It wasn't the backpack's fault.  I have nothing but love for this backpack as it … Continue reading 5 Days With A Single Backpack?

Points Program Discussion

Whether they be airline miles, car or hotel points, or other frequent traveler rewards, your "points" can really rack up if you travel frequently (even infrequently if you do it right). I recently drove with my family from Charlotte, NC to Montauk, NY (which you will see other posts about) and we decided to stop … Continue reading Points Program Discussion